We drive competitive advantage and bring value to your company by sharing our expertise and technological capabilities.

Our focus: Understanding and analysing the state of the infrastructure and services, based on your initialization, consolidation and renewal needs.


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Corporate network assistance service scheduled for small and medium-sized companies.
Techorizon offers technical assistance in designing, implementing and maintaining corporate networks allowing our Clients to focus on their core business.
Techorizon is able to offer a complete path that leads small and medium-sized companies through the implementation of a fully operational ICT network, that is safe and managed by our experts.
Techorizon offers a specialized hosting service both on its own data center and in the cloud.
Thanks to decades of experience in the world of life science, Techorizon offers technical advice in managing confidential data according to European and American regulations, both as a service outsourced to us or on your own data center.
Hosting is easier with Techorizon’s Hosting services.
Data Center
Techorizon designs and builds data centers for small and medium-sized companies.
Thanks to over 15 years of experience, together with our partners, we can support your needs of any type of hybrid data center and with your preferred cloud vendor.
This service is aimed to ensure Data Center efficiency with respect to Clients requests, with the aim of maximizing productivity with the lowest possible PUE (Power usage effectiveness).
MS SharePoint Consulting
Solutions for collaboration, sharing files and information have always existed on the market, but now more than ever, these services have become fundamental for many companies.
Techorizon has decided to share with its Clients the experience gained in over 15 years on a tool created for online remote collaboration: MS SharePoint.
Microsoft SharePoint is an application platform on the web and a browser-based content management system designed to help companies create websites, secure collaborative spaces or information portals where files and documents are stored, organized and shared. The information is accessible from any device via a web browser.
Techorizon can configure MS SharePoint to manage an intranet portal, an extranet and various websites. Think of MS SharePoint as a centralized and secure platform where groups can collaborate, streamline data management flow and work more efficiently.
Described by Microsoft as an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and a BPM (Business Process Management), MS SharePoint is also adopted by companies for social networks, Business Intelligence (BI), integration of systems and processes as well as for automation workflows.
Techorizon can design and implement a MS SharePoint solution that best suits your company in order to enhance productivity.
MS Office 365 migration and implementation Consulting
MS Office 365 can be one of the most demanding SaaS applications your network has ever seen.
Whether you're just starting to implement MS Office 365, or your installation hasn’t been going as planned, there are a few key network concepts that can make all the difference in your deployment success.
Techorizon can assist you in the migration and configuration process that best suits your core business.
The use of the collaboration tools that Microsoft 365 platform offers (such as Teams, MS SharePoint, MS CRM) provides enormous potential for your business if correctly applied.
Techorizon experts are able to understand your needs and accompany you in a new way of working through the digital revolution of smart team collaboration.

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