Techorizon About us

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the IT department of CROMSOURCE, an international Clinical Research Organisation, Techorizon supplies advanced solutions and services to the healthcare environment.

Techorizon is an ISO certified Italian company that has been repeatedly ahead of its time when it began helping providers in the healthcare sector with their technology needs. It combines technical expertise with 15 years of experience and deep understanding of clinical research processes to deliver innovative and customised technology solutions to its clients.

Techorizon's products and services are tailored to offer the best technological solutions for sponsors, CROs and academic and non-profit organisations so that they can focus on their core activities and achieve a perfect balance between budget requirements, functionality and quality data management to ultimately market drugs and medical devices faster for patients in need.

In addition to EDC and related services Techorizon, as an IT company can also offer high level enterprise IT services such as networking consultancy, hosting and data centre provision and many others. With an expertise of more than 10 years in the Microsoft environment, Techorizon is in the position to provide high level consultancy in many areas including but not limited to MS SharePoint.


By remaining at the forefront of creating and developing ground-breaking technological solutions, our technology experts help you to deliver faster and more efficient services in order to maximise the value of your clinical projects. Our Company has a proactive approach starting from the very beginning of each project by sharing the clients’ objectives and business goals.


We have Clinical Research in our DNA

We have a 15-year expertise in clinical research since we have been the IT department of an international Clinical Research Organisation before our inception in 2009. This means that we fully understand your needs more than anyone else helping you to provide the right technological solutions tailored to you.

Clinical Research is in our DNA


It's our people and their passion, who create game-changing technology!
Our people are our company’s most valuable asset. We value our employees and ensure that they have the work-life balance they need in a professional environment that will help develop their skills and talents. We operate as one big team and with the understanding that we are successful because of each person’s contribution to our goals and mission.

Passion, Innovation, Trust, Teamwork

Techorizon values

Client Focus: Sponsors, CROs, Academic and Non-Profit Organisations

We support Academic and Non-Profit Organisations with the delivery of solutions to achieve a perfect balance between budget requirements, functionality and quality data management.
We provide CROs with the technological solutions they need so they are able to focus only on their core activities leaving to Techorizon to ensure data quality and integrity.
Our technological products and services can support Sponsors in facilitating data collection, management and reporting, leaving them to concentrate on accelerating their product development process.

Techorizon Client focus


Techorizon has experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas and special populations, beside a wide array of product types. Whatever the size or scope of your project, from simple to the most complex designs, our solutions are tailored to help you succeed with your project.

Techorizon Expertise

Management Team

Our diverse leadership team brings together years of experience across a wide variety of sectors. This expertise and a culture underpinned by strong teamwork and collaboration offers our clients market-leading products and a premium service.



Techorizon is driven by Quality

In February 2011, Techorizon achieved the ISO Certification 9001:2008 and then in November 2016 the ISO Certification 9001:2015 considering such accreditation as the basis of the company.

Quality management and quality assurance are kept under constant review and are assiduously implemented. The quality system is revised internally and thoroughly reviewed once a year by an external and independent Auditor.

Techorizon is driven by Quality

Computer System Validation

Techorizon applies the validation process to all applications developed for the clinical area according to the FDA and GAMP 5 guidelines.
The validation process follows a logical flow, starting from the general planning, through the definition of specifications, the planning and execution of tests and finally, the validation report.
The validation strategy is based on risk analysis and testing of all standard functions during the operational qualification phase. All issues that can be addressed during a clinical project are covered.


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