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Whatever your clinical project, our EDC Services are the answer, constantly evolving because we listen to our customers' needs and their suggestions.


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Techorizon combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of clinical research processes to deliver to its clients innovative and customized technology solutions that seamlessly integrate to support all aspects of clinical development.


THeCRF has been built in compliance with GAMP guidelines and in line with CRF’s requirements part 11.
Each version released on the market is pre-validated by Techorizon's experts.
Clients are in charge of the study validation but Techorizon can also provide the full service if needed.
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Data base Set-up

Effective configuration allows for fewer errors in data collection for the benefit of the end result.
Techorizon’s experts have a strong track record in the configuration of hundreds of THeCRFs.
We offer this service with the confidence that we can carry it out quickly and effectively.
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Project Management

During the execution of a research project, it is always necessary to manage, foresee and resolve any potential issues that may arise.
Thanks to decades of experience, Techorizon’s Senior Project Managers are able to prevent and solve issues before they occur.
This service is highly recommended to deliver high quality, effective and proactive project management regardless of project complexity.
Third Party Data Integration

THeCRF allows you to integrate data from any other system.
Third-party systems however, are not always technically geared to interact with modern data collection systems.
Techorizon provides skilled professionals who are experts in dealing with any type of data integration, and can support you in choosing the best technology based on your needs and objectives.
Data Migration

If you aren’t satisfied with your current service provider, migrating your database has never been easier.
You can proceed with your project without issues with our data migration service.
Our experts will build a data migration protocol in line with the CFR part 11 requirements that will allow you to continue your project with all the benefits of using THeCRF.

Staff training is vital to the success of any clinical project.
Leveraging extensive expertise gained from years of experience, Techorizon has built ad hoc training services to support THeCRF.
Take advantage of this service that will be able to facilitate every aspect of staff training using the dedicated eLearning platform.

THeCRF comes with a standard Help Desk service which provides expert support that covers the needs of most projects.
However, when the complexity of the project requires additional focus, Techorizon offers an advanced Help Desk service to overcome any type of obstacle that may arise in your project, every day at any time.

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