Finally, a secure and easily accessible web area from which to lead and manage the clinical project.

Many collaborative features are provided to the team, from the collection and sharing of documents to study reporting, and from group email to event calendars.


  • Easily organize information, people and projects.


  • Real project overview for faster decision making;
  • Automatically collect reports and information from external application like EDC or CTMS.


  • Keep in touch with colleagues, share ideas and reinvent the way people collaborate in the company;
  • Manage documents with customizable access rules.


Document management of your clinical project with variable access permissions

Shared repository for Trial Master Files and Investigators' Study Files

Fast implementation at an affordable price

Powerful Document Management.

With Customer Portal, you can share Study documents just by deciding who can view them and who can update them. In addition, you can build and collect Trial Master Files or Investigators' Study Files, assigning workflow approvals for each individual document.

A real document management system at the click of a button.

Techorizon Customer Portal - A powerful document management

Bringing together all the information.

In Customer Portal, you can gather together all of the reports that are usually stored in different applications.

This allows customers to produce a range of reports from a single tool: Recruitment reports, Laboratory reports, eCRF completion reports and more.

Techorizon Customer Portal - Bringing together all the information

Powerful tools for collaboration.

Have you ever thought about how much time and money is lost using separate media and communication tools? With Customer Portal, everything is in one simple portal. No other tools are needed to work together.

Document repository and management reporting - Study e-mails calendar - Blog - Support requests.

Techorizon Customer Portal - A Powerful tool for collaboration

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