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You can have THeCRF as a standalone tool, and according to your needs, we can tailor our provisions with any add-ons or any EDC services.
With 15 years of experience of providing high-quality e-tools and services for the Life Sciences, THeCRF is built from the experience of hundreds of Project Managers, Investigators and Monitors designed to make your clinical project a success.


Robust and flexible

Configurable for any clinical project

Secure and anywhere

Self-configuration and start-up

Constantly updated according to your needs

Quick and consolidated change management during the course of the clinical project

Stay focused on your project goals!

THeCRF combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of clinical research processes to provide you with innovative and customized technological solutions that integrate perfectly to support all aspects of your clinical project.

THeCRF: Efficency, Accuracy, Completeness

THeCRF for everyone

Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech Industries, Academic, Non-Profit Organizations, ... Interventional, Observational, Retrospective, Registries ... whatever the Industry or type of clinical project, THeCRF captures data efficiently and cost-effectively so that you can focus on making the right decisions for your project.

THeCRF: Fast & Competitive

A living platform: we are constantly improving!

Innovation is at the core of the design and the development of THeCRF, in order to meet your needs and further improving your expectations. We constantly focus on improving our quality management system, relying on cutting-edge technologies and strict security standards.

THeCRF: Flexible configuration

What’s new? New features available in version 4.0:

  • Optimized subject page
  • New integrated API
  • Improved data management functionality
  • Updated coding propagation
  • Enhanced audit trail

THeCRF: IT Clinical Expertise

All the functionalities you need!

THeCRF is designed to capture and manage research data efficiently. A robust and well-organized tool yet flexible enough. THeCRF can be easily designed accordingly to your processes.
The most appreciated capabilities of THeCRF include:
  • Welcome Dashboard with a customizable widget
  • The automatized set up
  • Third party integration module
  • Digital Signature: Principal Investigator can sign directly in eCRF
  • On-demand reporting schedules
  • Data export in the most popular formats
  • Post-it comment and note functionality
  • Image Management and evaluation

THeCRF: IT Clinical Security

THeCRF: Ask for our Add-Ons



SAE Management

Images & DICOM Management

MAM for Independent External Adjudication Assessor Management

SAE Management

Inside a clinical project, Serious Adverse Event (SAE) management is fundamental to trigger a prompt action for patient safety and also to ensure related data collection accuracy. The SAE Management add-on facilitates and supports site staff in the collection, management, and analysis of any SAE recorded in a clinical project.

The automated population feature of the SAE form allows the site staff to capture all the needed data in just a few clicks. Relevant information is automatically disclosed to those in need without losing time with long e-mails, guaranteeing confidentiality of the data with a robust and reliable communication flow.

The SAE Management is a must have add-on to manage the SAE process in a secure and automated way and guarantee prompt action is taken for the safety of the patients involved.

Images & DICOM Management

Clinical Research is based on data proving the efficacy of a diagnostic, a drug or a medical device. In the era of the digitalisation of processes and decentralised data collection, more and more use of digital / medical images (for example, but not limited to, x-rays, CT scan, photos and videos) is preferred.

The Image & DICOM Management add-on allows site staff to upload these “special” data directly in the EDC with only a few clicks, ensuring a secure collection of data in compliance with CFR part 11.

It is no longer necessary to use external systems, increasing the number of passwords to remember and third party vendors to manage. THeCRF can contain images, DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), videos and many other digital medical files, simplifying the activities of the site staff who will benefit from a single platform to collect all the clinical study data.

Multi Access Module (MAM) for Independent External Adjudication Assessor Management

The Multi Access add-on allows you to provide the data collected in the EDC to independent expert users (for example Key Opinion Leaders) who can evaluate the decisions made by the site medical staff.

The add-on allows you to have access only to the necessary data and if needed also in a double-blind way, in order to guarantee the evaluation of the data independently. If there are discrepancies with respect to the choices made by the site staff, it is possible to intervene in a documented way in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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