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It only takes a few clicks to enter the world of our THeClinical e-tools.

Our e-tools for clinical projects, in compliance with FDA and GAMP standards, meet the needs of configuration and management of the various trial processes in the different phases, up to the formation of clinical projects with our THeLearning platform.

THeClinical e-tools are today's answer for:

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The Patient Diary Immediate and Simple to use.

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) is a method of capturing data electronically in clinical projects.

It can increase the quality of study data while meeting regulatory requirements.
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A powerful training platform for the life sciences industry.

The communication platform for training and sharing clinical project documents’. A unique tool where everyone involved in a clinical project can find their own personalized training material and documentation.

Use the format most suitable for you.
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Customer Portal (Workspace)

The ultimate working area for the customer, all of the parties involved in the clinical project, and more.

Finally, a secure and easily accessible web area from which to lead and manage the clinical project. A real document management system to

Organize, Manage and Share.


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